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phil elverum did a mixtape for self-titled magazine. it’s really good. 

1. Bernard Herrmann - The Window
2. Chrysta Bell + David Lynch - Bird of Flames
3. Adrian Orange - sanz
4. Clams Casino - The World Needs Change
5. Joni Mitchell - Strong and Wrong
6. Adrian Orange - Fire Dream
7. This Mortal Coil - Another Day
8. Will Oldham - Give Me Children
9. Gurdjieff/De Hartmann - Prayer No. 2
10. Kirsten Bråten Berg - Tirili Tovann
11. Xasthur - Prison of Mirrors
12. Es - Aavehuminaa (Katjalle)
13. Sunn O))) - Big Church
14. The Bulgarian State Radio And Television Female Vocal Choir -Atmadja Duma Strachilu
15. Ry Cooder - Brothers
16. Smog - Palimpsest
17. Eric’s Trip - You’re Always Right
18. Loren Mazzacane Connors - Why We Came Together

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phil elverum and nick krgovich sing a weird but strangely sexy song together for david shrigley’s worried noodles compilation. 

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from the mount eerie european tour. phil looking silly at pisa and ingeborg aarsand’s house in oslo.

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mount eerie - appetite

this is maybe my favourite mount eerie record in a weird way. in moonlight is probably the best thing he’s done. ugh. 

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from the believer zine interview with phil elverum. 

from the believer zine interview with phil elverum. 

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Mount Eerie - Small House (live at Heck Fest 07)

his voice is always so calming. can’t wait till march.

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i wonder if i wrote a letter to phil elverum asking so he’d let me come out to washington state and just sleep on a floor somewhere and hang out and screen print with him and maybe fold card and unpack boxes of new releases and then maybe record some tape loops together and play an all-ages show in a small cafe and drink coffee at a creaking wooden table as sunlight strides through from outside and take walks in the early morning through fog covered trees and talk about drawing and black metal and richard brautigan

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recently acquired // but also i just really wanted to do a 4 photo thing because i’ve not done that before

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